How to build a property agent website with WordPress to showcase a real estate portfolio

Here in this article we will be discussing how to create a real estate website that is easy to manage and relatively quick to complete, with little investment, no coding experience and best of all a website that works for your business needs.

The tools necessary to create your online property business is easily accessible and low cost.

First, we will explain a couple of important points to start with, basic steps and definitions in a beginner friendly manner.

What is a real estate website?

Yes, this question may seem basic to you, but there are many people who lose focus, therefore, they have not just created the portal they want and their business is not going as it should.

To be clear, a real estate website is (or has to be) the first point of contact with your clients. If you do not focus this part properly, it will not do the basic function of a website: to sell.

Property web portals are specifically dedicated to the exhibition of Real Estate for sale or rent and are the ideal tool for a real estate company, real estate or real estate agents, but there is also the possibility of having an online business type: real estate at home.

Property Agent Showcase:

One of our favorite property website projects built on WordPress is a site for an estate agent in Spain. More specifically – a property agent in Costa del Sol selling luxury real estate, listing hundreds of new developments along the sunny coastal area of South Spain and featuring golf and beachfront villas and fabulous apartments. This Spanish property agents’ website makes great use of high-quality imagery of the local area and off-plan property developments. The navigation is easy to use and the features and location of each offer is well presented with easy to find information throughout the site that ensures the best user experience.