Setup Seasonal

Welcome to the setup tutorials for the free WordPress theme named Seaonal. Please note that any support you may need while setting up this theme is available to you by going to the theme’s download page at and click on the “View Support Forum” button.

Typography management in Seasonal

This is probably one of the most complex things for any website, regardless of the theme you use because within your site pages, there are many typography elements happening. When you consider that there are literally 1000’s of font styles available, you cannot possible include them all into a theme. Each person has their own preference as to the font and styling they like, so this also creates a challenge in theme development. Consider the following:

Setup a logo or Site Title for your website

Seasonal starts you off with the Site Title and Tagline, but you have a Several options:

  1. Site Title & Tagline – Text based title and site description
  2. Site Title – You can hide the tagline and just go with a title
  3. Logo – You can opt in for just a logo
  4. Logo with Title & tagline – You can have a logo above your Site Title & Tagline
  5. Logo with Tagline – You can have a logo with the Tagline, but no Site Title

By default, the first option is set for the Site Title and Tagline, but everyone will have their preferences. I will start with adding a Logo to your sidebar.