Setup Opportune

Welcome to the setup tutorials for the free WordPress theme named Opportune. Please note that any support you may need while setting up this theme is available to you by going to the theme’s download page at and click on the “View Support Forum” button.

Creating different banners with caption boxes

When you see the live demo site for Opportune, you will notice I have a banner image showing on the front page. This tutorial will help you to add one to your page like I did. Although there are a few ways you can do this, I will help you based on my method. There are plugins that lets you install an image or banner widget, allowing you to upload and set an image, but we are adding a caption box so this will require a text widget because we need to add some HTML code.

Choose your header style and layout

With Opportune, you get two header styles included:

  1. Logo to the Left and Menu to the Right (a common layout)
  2. Centered Logo and Menu below

For some, it may be just for preference to have either one active, while others need to change it to fit their specific needs, such as a site’s main menu needing a lot of space. So lets take the example of needing more menu space because this will more likely be the most common reason to switch up, although there may be other reasons.

Change your site title, tagline, or upload a logo

Opportune Pro starts you off with the Site Title and Tagline, but you have a Several options:

  1. Site Title & Tagline – Text based title and site description
  2. Site Title – You can hide the tagline and just go with a title
  3. Logo – You can opt in for just a logo
  4. Logo with tagline – You can have a logo above your Site Title & Tagline

By default, the first option is set for the Site Title and Tagline, but everyone will have their preferences. Please note that your tagline is the text below the main menu.