Understanding the Image Post format

Compared to most themes that offer the “Image Post” format, this theme uses it in a slight different way that separates it from the basic blog display of posts. If you were to setup a basic blog and assign a post to the Image Post format, it won’t show up in the standard “Home” page, but rather it will show up if you went to a category that is setup to host your image posts.

image posts category

The other option of course is to setup a front page that uses the “Image Post” template….best suited if you want to this as your site’s front page:

morphology lite intro

Creating the image posts is the same, but how you display the posts will be different:

  1. As a Category
  2. As a Page (using the image post template)

If you’ve enabled the thumbnail creation option in the “Site Options” panel of the customizer, you can take advantage of auto generated thumbnails that have a preset size for displaying your image posts. 

Thumbnail Size = 570 x 570 pixels (cropped from the middle of the photo)

Create an Image Post for a Category

This method simply lets you create posts like you normally would in a blog post, except you will display them on the front of your site with a link to a category that you would dedicate to the “Image” post format, then add the link to your menu.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Find the “Create Image Post Tiled Thumbnails” setting and make sure this is enabled.
    create image thumbnails checked
  3. Click “Save & publish
  4. Go to Posts >> Add New
  5. Create your post and select the “Image” post format
  6. Choose your Image Post category (or make one if you haven’t already
  7. Using the “Featured Image” box, upload the photo you want to use.
  8. Click “Publish” or “Update” your post.
  9. Go to your main menu and add your Image Post category to it so that people can access this category where all of your image posts are published to.

 Show Image Posts on the Standard Blog Pages

By default, the image post formats will only show up on the special image templates and not the standard blog pages like categories and other archive pages. However, due to someone making the suggestion of having the option to also show image posts on the basic blog, I added two new option settings.

Show Image Posts in the Blog

This will show the image posts in the tiled layout, but also in the main blog like standard posts.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Blog Options
  2. Look for the “Show Image posts in Blog” setting
    image posts in blog
  3. Check the box and then click “Save & Publish

Show Image Posts in the Archives

This will show the image posts in the tiled layout and also the standard blog archives like Categories, Tags, etc.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Blog Options
  2. Look for the “Show Image Posts in Archives” setting
    image posts in archive
  3. Check the box and then click “Save & Publish