An introduction to Morphology Lite

The Morphology Lite theme is designed for bloggers wanting a clean minimalist style concept while focusing a little more towards image based posts. I would also recommend not to use this theme for menus with excessively long menus (many link) due to the fact the menu is a vertical menu within a column, therefore, short viewing windows may cut off the bottom part of your menu. 

I also recommend taking your time through the initial setup of Morphology Lite and using the setup tutorials to help guide you through the setup and various built-in features of this theme.

Theme Preview

This screenshot shows the front page using the “Image Post” template and each post is an “Image post” format.

morphology lite intro

Features Built into Morphology Lite

  • Mobile responsive
  • Unlimited colours
  • 22 Sidebar positions
  • 4 Bog styles
  • 3 Menu locations
  • 3 Single layout styles for a full post view
  • 4 Basic Page templates, including a special image post template
  • Enable or disable several in-page elements
  • Standard and Image post formats
  • Typography management settings (basic)
  • RTL capability
  • Custom Error page
  • Microdata formatting based on for Google
  •  Built-in theme customizer with several options

Plugin Recommendations

Although this theme does not require plugins, the following list are recommendations to take full advantage of the Aberration Lite theme (and the Pro version should you opt in for that one).

  • Image Widget – Makes adding an image to a sidebar easier
  • Simple Custom CSS – Lets you create custom CSS styles that won’t be lost with theme updates.
  • Simply Exclude – Allows you to exclude categories, posts, etc., from areas of your site
  • Display Widgets – Lets you publish widgets to select pages
  • Remove Widget Titles – Allows you to hide widget titles from the front-end
  • Hide Title – This plugin allows you to hide a page or post title
  • TinyMCE Advanced – Adds more editor features and customizable
  • HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter by Petr Mukhortov – Colours HTML code in the editor for better viewing

Will you be Making Changes to your Theme?

It’s absolutely important to determine if you plan to make custom changes to the Morphology Lite theme files before you get started. What kinds of changes will be done is going to dictate if you will be using the parent theme (the actual theme itself) or a child theme. If you make changes to any theme files and then later in time an update comes along, you will lose your modifications. If you plan to make such changes, then after installing Morphology Lite, I strongly recommend you follow the WordPress tutorial to create a child theme HERE.

However, if you know for sure that the ONLY changes you will be making is just CSS, then you don’t need a child theme; use a plugin like Simple Custom CSS, or, if you are using Jetpack, use it’s own Custom CSS feature.

Start With the Basic Theme Setup Tutorials

We’ve kept the common tutorials separate under the category of “Basic Theme Setup” because they relate to each theme we offer. Once you have gone through the the initial setup tutorials, you can come back to the “Setup Morphology Lite” section for tutorials that are unique to this theme only.

Basic Theme Setup