Setup Longevity

Welcome to the setup tutorials for the free WordPress theme named Longevity. Please note that any support you may need while setting up this theme is available to you by going to the theme’s download page at and click on the “View Support Forum” button.

Change Theme Colours

Longevity gives you 5 9preset colour choices (Longevity Pro offers 15 colours) that you can use. I normally don’t do preset colours, but because this theme uses a special curved graphic on the front of the site, we need to have this available for each colour option, otherwise you would have to manually create a new curved banner graphic. So I did this for you with the following colour selections:

An Introduction to Longevity

Longevity is a responsive multipurpose theme boasting a minimalist design concept while a unique curved graphic helps showcase your images on every page. Easy to configure and customize, Longevity gives you several options built into the WordPress Customizer for live previews as you make your changes.

Choose your banner curved graphic

One of the latest additions to Longevity (starting from version 1.1.6) is the ability to select what size of a curved graphic you want to use for your banners. By default, the front page will use the larger one while inner pages will use the smaller graphic. Please note that when there is nothing published to the Banner sidebar, the small curve will show.