Setup Influential Lite

Welcome to the setup tutorials for the free WordPress theme named Influential Lite. Please note that any support you may need while setting up this theme is available to you by going to the theme’s download page at and click on the “View Support Forum” button.

Create page dividers

If you need to separate elements in your page or post content, you would normally use a “Horizontal Rule” which is usually found on the editor (depending on the editor of course). This is usually a simple line that is placed between two paragraphs, images, or any other elements in a page. You can see the demo for this theme’s dividers here:

Setup breadcrumb navigation

Influential Lite includes a sidebar that is special for those who want to run their site with breadcrumb navigation. This tutorial will help you get this setup. Normally I recommend using the popular Breadcrumb NavXT plugin, but you can use any plugin you want, but I would look for one that has a widget you can use in the theme’s “Breadcrumbs” sidebar position. This makes it easier than opening a theme file to modify it with code that some plugins instruct.

Add a banner image with animated captions

Adding a front page banner is generally the first thing you would do. Although you do not have to have a banner, you can also put in a slider as well (I recommend Smart Slider 3). To help you with this setup, you can refer to another tutorial called “Add a Banner to your Page” which gives you additional information, but we will make this tutorial a quick one. We will make a banner like this: