Choose your boxed layout

With Emotions Lite, you get five (5) page widths, sometimes referred to as a “boxed layout“. 

  1. Full Width
  2. Boxed Width 1800px
  3. Boxed Width 1600px
  4. Boxed Width 1400px
  5. Boxed Width 1300px

This theme is designed with the Bootstrap grid layout, so if we take the full width page template as an example, your main content will have a standard width of 1150px. This theme is also responsive, so this will of course reduce in size as your viewing window decreases, but your boxed widths will max out to the sizes you see listed above. As your window shrinks, the smaller boxed widths will become full width of your browser window. Ultimately, the boxed sizes are quite large and are best suited for larger screen resolutions.

Let’s use my own monitor (2560px resolution) as an example as I change the page size to each one, starting from the full width (default) setting:

boxed sizes

Make Your Choice

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Boxed Style” setting and make your selection
    boxed layout settings
  3. Click “Save & Publish