Create a Contact form like the demo site

This tutorial will be quite easy because to make the contact form shown on the live demo site for Senses, you simply need to copy some code. 

The plugin I used for the form is the popular Contact Form 7. I will let you go through their documentation for setting up your form configuration, but for the form itself, this is the code you can use to get the layout I have on the demo:

<div class="row"> <div class="col-md-6"> <fieldset class="form-group">[text* name id:name class:form-control placeholder "Your Name"]</fieldset> </div> <div class="col-md-6"><fieldset class="form-group">[email* email id:email class:form-control placeholder "Your Email"]</fieldset></div> </div> <fieldset class="form-group">[text* subject id:subject class:form-control placeholder "Subject"]</fieldset> <fieldset class="form-group">[textarea* comment id:comment class:form-control placeholder "Comments"]</fieldset> <fieldset class="form-group">[submit id:submit "Submit"]</fieldset>

Adding a Google Map

Not everyone wants a map, but for those who do, you can download a map plugin like WP Google Maps. Once you’ve created your map based on your location parameters, you can use the plugin’s own widget and drop that into the “Banner” sidebar position.