An introduction to Image Post Format

This theme includes a few Post Formats for your blog. This tutorial will give you an introduction to the “Image Post Format” and how it works for the Aberration Lite theme. There are many styles for post formats with different themes — basically no real standard, so many theme authors create their own styles and methods. For Aberration, I do mine in a unique way that capitalizes on the “Featured Image” for your posts.

When published, this is how it will look:

image post

The Image Post Format is styled to use the featured image as a background with the post title, past date, and the See More (read more) link that takes you to the full post. When there, you will see the full image in all of its glory, along with any content you may have for this post. Readers will also have the ability to post comments as well.

Creating an Image Post

  1. Go to Posts >> Add New
  2. Create your title
  3. Add content
  4. Select the “Image” option from the “Format” box
    format image
  5. Set your Featured Image – this will be your post summary background, plus the full post image.
  6. Click Publish

Change the Image Post Title Colour

By default, the title is green, but you can change this. Please note the change will affect all image posts.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Colours
  2. Find the “Image Post Format Title” setting and make your colour choice
    image post colour setting
  3. Click “Save & Publish