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    Jon Ivar Sund

    I have Seasonal pro 1.3.3. and just updated to WP 5.5.1.
    I use SiteOrigin CSS 1.2.10 and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle 1.17.7 to build my pages.

    Now it will not work. I can edit my page, but not in blocs – everything shows at same view. And the most serious: the page won’t update. Then I can’t change anything.
    What is wrong?


    Shaped Pixels

    We are still working out some issues that the WordPress 5.5 update created. Many themes and plugins experience problems with this update.

    For the time being, until we release a new version we recommend to installing the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” free plugin which should fix these problems temporarily.

    Jon Ivar Sund

    Thank you.
    But unfortunately – it did not help. The problems are still there.

    Jon Ivar Sund

    Now it works whit Enable jquery Migrate Helper.

    Elke Tudor

    Wordpress 5.6 is due to be released in Dec 2020, and the jquery migrate helper is going to be of no use in that version. Will the needed updates to this theme be ready by that time?

    Shaped Pixels

    Thanks for your feedback Elke.
    We will be updating this theme by the first week of December

    Shaped Pixels

    Hello Elke,

    We tested both plugins and didn’t find any issues with it.
    There’s a new version available of Seasonable pro which should be fully compatible with WP 5.6

    Perhaps instead of SiteOrigin CSS you can use the native WP Customizer / Additional CSS option
    There’s no need for additional plugins to add custom CSS in WordPress as it’s core functionality for a long time.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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