Simple to use Portfolio WordPress Themes for Photographers

Photo sharing is quite a big thing on the web. Whether it’s done as a hobby or professionally, about 41 million people were invested in taking and sharing photos during 2016. If you are one those people then you’ll know how important it is to get an image gallery WordPress theme that grabs attention, given all the competition.

So what should you look for in a photography WordPress theme?

Suggestions for a clean WordPress theme for photographers

Frankly, there are many paths you can follow. But the most popular has to be minimalist photo blogging themes. There’s a reason why you took the photo and you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention away from the pictures. In other words, you can’t go wrong with an easy to use theme for photographers that aim to support your hobby or profession. You have the ability to tweak and change everything, and you don’t have to worry about going too far.

All the following themes Include:

  • A user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation, customization and posting.
  • Easy installation and setup, which is important for newbies.
  • Well documented and comes with great customer support.
  • An incredible range of creative options, from the color and sidebars to the layout and shortcodes.
  • All the themes are impressively responsive to all devices.
  • All the themes feature very sleek designs.

You’ll be happy to know that all the themes are also WordPress based, which means they are incredibly easy to launch. Even if you’ve never worked with a website before, once you get into it you’ll see how easy it really is.

Morphology – Image Gallery WordPress Theme

This has to be one of the most stylish minimalist photo blogging themes available. It features a very modern design and functionality, and allows users to truly experience all the dimensions your site has to offer. But more importantly, the clean finish helps to make the photos stand out.

Morphology Image Gallery WordPress Theme

In terms of style choices, you get 6 with the premium version. The templates are customizable and you get no less than 22 different sidebar options. What makes the theme stand out is the way it uses space. There’s no chance that the user is going to feel overwhelmed, because everything is where it should be.

The basics are also part of the package, such as device responsiveness, search engine optimized for better visibility, and unlimited color control. Then of course you also get custom backpages, and you can choose between a static or standard front page. If you are looking for a simple portfolio WordPress theme, this is it.

Abberation – Photo Blogging WordPress Theme

With the Abberation photo portfolio WordPress theme you’ll be focusing more on the image side of posting. While there is room for content, the design is mainly for visual expression. Just like the Morphology theme, it’s got a very clean style and amazing space. It’s built on Boodstrap 4 technology, which should improve responsiveness – among other things.

Abberation Photo Blogging WordPress Theme

There are 4 blog styles to choose from, there’s an interestingly styled WordPress gallery, and you are not limited in terms of color use. As you’ll see, this is also a minimalist WordPress theme that won’t be distracting in any way.

Other features include additional options for posting images, various show and hide page elements, and multiple page templates.

Seasonal Pro – Photography WordPress Theme

Blogging has become somewhat of an art, and the Seasonal Pro photography WordPress theme was specifically created with purists in mind. It maintains a little bit of old-school style, and mixes it with some powerful modern features.

Seasonal Pro Photography WordPress Theme

You get a built-in theme customizer and 8 different layouts to choose from. On top of that there are 3 blog styles and 7 widget options. You can go nuts with the color while customizing the sidebar to your liking.

This is definitely one of the powerful clean WordPress themes for photo bloggers, and if used right, can take you to viral places.

Senses – Simple Portfolio WordPress Theme

With the Senses WordPress theme it’s all about flexibility. In other words, changing the theme until it fits into your scheme of things. It can make for the perfect personal blog, or it can be turned into a professional business blog. Either way, you are in control thanks to the powerful responsive framework.

Senses Simple Portfolio WordPress Theme

Some of the features that stand out are the 3 blog style options to choose from, 5 boxed layouts, and the 19 sidebar positions. You’re also looking at a customizable header, custom gallery styling and just simply a modern design with practicality in mind.

It looks great, it’s incredibly easy to work with, and your options are only limited by your imagination. For all those bloggers who like to make big changes every now and then, don’t look further than the Senses theme.

Final thoughts on choosing the right theme

Now you just have to choose which one of the themes are most applicable to what you want to do. Do you simply want to focus on posting images, or do you want a combination of content with the images? Will it be a professional blog, or will it clearly portray the touch of an avid photographer who simply enjoys it as a hobby? From there you can decide which one of the four WordPress themes can take you further up the ranks.

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