A few plugins that might make things easier

Do you ever find yourself in confusion with a little frustration and annoyance that your WordPress does not perform some basic things that it really should? How about feeling unsure of where to go or what to do when you come up to the point of creating your website and you are now stuck? Finally at last, you realize you need a plugin, but the question is, what plugin do you use?

How to display widgets on select pages only

I’m sure many have encountered this problem…you are building a website using WordPress, drag a widget into a sidebar, add your content, and then you noticed that every single page in your website that has that sidebar is now showing the widget everywhere. Frustrating at best, especially if you want to show it only on a few pages, but not all pages.

Want to add links to your WordPress Gallery images?

One of the odd things about using the WordPress gallery shortcode is that you cannot attach custom links to your images (thumbnails). By default, they link to either a larger version of the same image or they link to an attachment page that acts like a slideshow viewer. But what if you want to link your images to something else such as a page or even an external website?