What does it really take to create an incredible-looking, high-performing website?

In today’s technological world, almost every business and brand is represented online to be visible to their audiences. So, users are both spoiled with a variety of choices, and very demanding. What users expect is that a website is both incredibly looking and high-performing. It means that, in order to attract potential customers, a business should have a very attractive site that works so quickly that the user is never nervous about having to wait. So, what does it really take to create an incredible-looking, high-performing website?

Creating a Website

Of course, what people think of when they hear the phrase ‘create a website’ is usually a team of software developers, web designers, and marketing specialists working hard to create it from scratch. Yet, the reality is more simple. Anybody can create a website without outsourcing this task because there are website builders, drag-and-drop constructors, and other user-friendly tools to build an incredible and, what’s more important, a working website. So, if you feel like you are ready to start with your website creation, choose your tool but be sure to learn reviews before any purchases on this site. If you are a first-time customer of such functionality, the user-friendly manuals will help you start quickly and learn by doing, immediately.

It’s also important to remember that your website is your business card, and the first impression really matters. Even if you have a tight budget, you still can create something worth the user’s attention. And we are not talking about the complex design by professionals. The website builder is enough to make your website look good and useable – ready-made designs or unique ones are there at your disposal.

Making a Site Visually Attractive

Great design is what draws first-time website visitor’s attention immediately and motivates them to stay longer and check the information presented. Besides, for some businesses related to arts, fashion, and creativity, the outstanding design is what demonstrates and is associated with the business owner’s style, originality, and professionalism. For example, it is especially important that the website is stylish and visually attractive if it is the branded site of a photographer, designer, makeup artist, architect, stylist, hairdresser, etc. In highly competitive niches, such as travel blogging and travel services, the visual appeal also helps to remain outstanding.

To make the website visually attractive, the following tips exist:

  • Choose only appealing photos and videos;
  • Harmonize the background color, fonts, and visual content together. Remember to keep the same style;
  • Format your content to perfection, paying attention to every indent and paragraph spacing;
  • Ensure the content is useful and fits the visuals;
  • Follow the ‘eye care’ concept and let your users feel cozy and relaxed at your website rather than stressed to find what matters the most;
  • Make the website personal because people like to connect.

At the same time, the website design and visual attractivity should not be made at the expense of its functionality and performance. Be sure to combine all at once and check how others are doing that effectively and learn from them. Marketing agencies’ and web designers’ websites are wonderful samples of visual attractivity and efficient customer retention techniques.

Ensuring High Performance

Research suggests that modern users do not want to wait longer than 3-8 seconds watching anything load. People get easily distracted or nervous and may switch to another website easily. So, when it takes nine seconds for your website to load, the beautiful and engaging content no longer matters. You have just lost the visitor (and maybe a future client) and even had no chance to present your business. This means a high-performing website is a key for potential customer engagement and retention.

When talking about site performance, its load speed is everything. Today’s versed users got used to getting the information they want immediately. To stay competitive, it’s absolutely crucial to be sure your best content reaches your potential clients faster than anyone else’s. That is a very simple rule not everyone follows.

So, to ensure the high performance of a website, the following steps are recommended:

  • Select the correct framework suiting your needs – no extra code complexity is needed if you are just building a blog or a photo gallery;
  • Ensure your visual and video content is optimized properly to avoid extra-size files downloads;
  • Optimize the webpages by simplifying HTML, CSS, and web controls;
  • Avoid installing too many plugins, which are not necessary for the website administration;
  • Optimize your content management platform like WordPress by referring to tips and tricks shared by professionals;
  • Improve database design and avoid long-working data queries;
  • Ensure sufficient storage space (hosting settings) and high network speed for the website to access extra data;
  • Avoid using slow third-party services;
  • Ensure that the website can stand high-traffic time periods well;
  • Optimize widgets and functional elements such as order forms, calculators, and other interactive components;
  • Or just turn to an expert for speed optimization advice and/or external audit.

Though, the high performance of a website is not a purely technical thing. This is also about the visitor’s comfort, visual pleasure of quickly loading design elements and content, and a sort of respect to everyone involved in the business. All in all, a smoothly working order form positively impacts the company’s reputation, too.


One should not be a professional software developer to create a visually attractive and high-performing website today. Even the best custom software development companies are pointing out the same things we mentioned but they also agree that one man can create a good looking website on his own. There are intuitive tools, which help one do the task quickly and easily, and there are best practices and common recommendations which allow a business owner to avoid mistakes done by others previously. Yet, even with the use of professional website builders which allow integrating best coding and performance optimization practices smoothly into a constructor, the website creator should remember about principles of choosing content for the ready site. Ultimately, visual appeal and load speed are the factors directly affecting website visitor interest, purchase behavior, and retention. They are the keys to high conversion rates and happy visitors reporting outstanding customer satisfaction.

10 Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress in 2021

WordPress needs no introduction as a website builder. It is a highly versatile, responsive, and community-driven platform for web development.

How can you enhance your design experience with WordPress? Simple – incorporate one of the dozens of WordPress page builders that make your editing experience a walk in the park.

Here we check out the best drag and drop builders for WordPress and review their functionality. Read on to find out how you can optimize your WordPress web development chops.


Divi is one of the most popular drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress among web designers. The reasons for its vast popularity are simple – it is a straightforward, intuitive, and flexible software that lets you create great web pages. Divi’s pricing plans for freelancers and enterprises cater to the scale-based different needs of small and large businesses.



  • There are over 50 basic and advanced web page elements to choose from. You can play around with different combinations to customize the look of your website.
  • Beneficial for coders – Access and edit the page’s CSS easily with Divi’s custom CSS control feature. Developers will find it useful to toggle between the editor and the code.


Elementor is one of our top picks for WordPress page builders. It knows exactly what a web designer wants from an editing tool and offers just that. The software is responsive – it has one of the fastest interfaces we have seen. The environment is also quite simple to get used to.



  • Single page editor – Tweak every aspect of the webpage, including content, headers, and footers on a single page – no need to switch between different tabs within the application.
  • Editing in draft mode – This feature allows you to change parts of the design and content in a separate draft while the original site is still live. You can considerably reduce your downtime this way.

Beaver Builder

This software is one of the best drag and drop builders for WordPress users. You are at the helm of your design and content and have no restrictions on customizing your webpage. Builder Beaver’s Pro plan is ideal for making the jump from an amateur developer to a fully-equipped professional in the field.

Beaver Builder


  • Compatibility for themes – Beaver Builder supports most WordPress themes. The customer support team is quite helpful in resolving compatibility issues if any.
  • The page builder is capable of working with multiple sites simultaneously. So, you can keep up with numerous projects in an organized manner.


The Themify website builder is a user-friendly and economical option for enthusiastic developers and professionals alike. The standalone plugin is free to use, and you can purchase specific themes as and when you require. We like the range of builder and post-type builder add-ons available to enhance the design.



  • Access both backend and frontend interfaces in a single screen to have better control over your webpage. The live edition feature for the frontend editor is highly responsive.
  • Duplicate your work efficiently – You can make multiple copies of the same element in no time and save yourself the hassle of creating each from scratch.


Brizy is based on the Javascript platform React, which is an up and coming UI technology. Use Brizy to create your WordPress pages with great convenience. The editor is ergonomically designed and caters to the fundamental needs of developers.



  • Intuitive editing options – Don’t waste time on performing mindless tasks that the editor can easily handle. With Brizy, it is a breeze to apply themes and elements across the board and duplicate fonts, shapes, and graphics.
  • Video elements – It is highly convenient to integrate video backgrounds, transitions, and animations into the page.

Visual Composer

This drag and drop builder for WordPress makes it easy to specialize your webpage according to your industry. Create customized pages for marketing, online shopping, subscription services, etc. Visual Composer places a large focus on responsive design and user-centric functionality.

Visual Composer


  • Easy pop-ups and interactive notifications – Use these helpful features to develop an engaging relationship with your user.
  • Extensions and plugins – Integrate third-party extensions and applications for enhancing the look and feel of your website.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is an all-in-one design and marketing suite that helps you develop a well-rounded website. The builder has a range of innovative features for boosting user retention and generating positive stimuli. We like the options available to the developer to promote the page’s engagement with potential clients.

Thrive Architect


  • Add quizzes, preference buttons, testimonials, etc., to make the interface interesting.
  • Browse through a vast gallery of pre-designed landing pages that will give you constructive suggestions on starting your design.


The SiteOrigin page builder plugin is a handy tool for developers to polish the design and layout of their webpages. The interface of the software is conducive for quick code-scanning and live editing. The builder is mostly geared towards backend coders and requires at least an intermediate level of coding skills.



  • Live code editor – View the full code of the page on the left-side code inspector screen. Make live changes and save the edits immediately.
  • The Premium plan gives you a robust set of features to rapidly execute your design and layout actions.

Live Composer

The Live Composer builder is worked purely in the frontend domain of your webpage. Create designs and make your edits in a single window and see the changes benign reflected in real-time. The interface is smooth and quite fast. We also like that the mobile app of the builder is convenient to use on the go.

Live Composer


  • Industry-specific portfolio – Base your webpage on Live Composer templates for specific business sectors— for example, templates for sales and marketing, online marketers, large enterprises, etc.
  • Integrate WooCommerece into your page to build a streamlined ecommerce retail page.


When you create a website, the most crucial aspect of the process is designing functional and aesthetic landing pages. SeedProd is a WordPress builder that focuses on creating high-quality landing pages. You don’t need to have any coding chops to work with this drag-and-drop editor.



  • Access a vast portfolio of pre-designed landing pages for specific purposes like welcome, sales, coming soon, maintenance mode, login, and thank you pages. We found these to be great starting points of our design.
  • Bot-protection – Keep out spam bots from your website with the built-in Re-Captcha option available on SeedProd. Make sure that you only attract organic traffic on the page.

Top WordPress Page Builders in 2021

Drag and drop editors are productive tools to make the design process for your web page fast and efficient. If you only want to work with the frontend side, we suggest opting for Live Composer or Visual Composer. If you want to address the page’s front and back end, Divi, Elementor, and SiteOrigin are our top picks.

How to build a property agent website with WordPress to showcase a real estate portfolio

Here in this article we will be discussing how to create a real estate website that is easy to manage and relatively quick to complete, with little investment, no coding experience and best of all a website that works for your business needs.

The tools necessary to create your online property business is easily accessible and low cost.

First, we will explain a couple of important points to start with, basic steps and definitions in a beginner friendly manner.

What is a real estate website?

Yes, this question may seem basic to you, but there are many people who lose focus, therefore, they have not just created the portal they want and their business is not going as it should.

To be clear, a real estate website is (or has to be) the first point of contact with your clients. If you do not focus this part properly, it will not do the basic function of a website: to sell.

Property web portals are specifically dedicated to the exhibition of Real Estate for sale or rent and are the ideal tool for a real estate company, real estate or real estate agents, but there is also the possibility of having an online business type: real estate at home.

Property Agent Showcase:

One of our favorite property website projects built on WordPress is a site for an estate agent in Spain. More specifically ThePropertyAgent.es – a property agent in Costa del Sol selling luxury real estate, listing hundreds of new developments along the sunny coastal area of South Spain and featuring golf and beachfront villas and fabulous apartments. This Spanish property agents’ website makes great use of high-quality imagery of the local area and off-plan property developments. The navigation is easy to use and the features and location of each offer is well presented with easy to find information throughout the site that ensures the best user experience.

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Why is it useful?

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